AD/HD, Learning Disorders Treatment


Individuals who have AD/HD or learning disorders can face difficult challenges in their education, work and personal life. While medications can be useful for issues such as AD/HD, usually it is not enough to lead as productive and satisfying a life as is possible. In this kind of treatment, various concrete, specific ideas of how to manage AD/HD symptoms and other learning difficulties that impact you at work, at school or at home are offered. This treatment also gears itself to help you identify work, school and living environments that are better suited to your strengths and talents, as opposed to your liabilities, or things you find overly taxing or frustrating. Finally, the emotional weight of having AD/HD or a learning disorder is very significant. Shame, anger, frustration and diminished self-esteem can result, complicating your relationship to work and school even more. Relationships with others can likewise be strained by the symptoms you are experiencing; others might be frustrated, hurt or angered by the difficulties you are having. Treatment of these emotional and relationship issues are often very critical to successfully dealing with AD/HD or learning disorders.

Treatment for AD/HD and LD’s are generally briefer than psychoanalytic psychotherapy, but the length of treatment is ultimately open-ended and up to you. Many people feel they only need ten-to-twelve visits to get suitable assistance; others require more time. If a recommendation for psychopharmacology or psychological assessment is indicated, you will be helped to find appropriate referrals that best suit your needs.